Saturday, August 27, 2005

no...i'd prefer the salmon.

***cam - but they were not prepared for their interstellar prince.

EVERYBODY! - he was born into a family that owned a large number of carpet cleaners.
they were nice.....OH SO NICE!

Mark - he can't be stopped....HE WON'T BE STOPPED ***

----this is what happens when you sell your soul for a cola----

....i hope you all had a fantastic evening at the golden ranch.
will you be staying for dinner?

"don't have to ask permission
if i want to go out fishin'" (tom waits - "better off without a wife")

***an excerpt from the centre of the

irony is a funny thing.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

the death of sincerity.

so, what's there to do when you've been at the video store for an hour, and there's absolutely nothing in which you could possibly have any serious interest?

why... the answer is irony!

our summer roommate says that we MIT students do everything ironically. i believe he commented that we even smoke pot ironically. which is, sadly, true. but you can't blame us for slipping into self-referential mockery of spicoli types every time we spark a spliff, can you? it's the stigma that makes it happen.

so, irony. what are the most recent few movies we've watched? well, there was the classic alien 3000, apparently also known as "unseen evil 2." most memorable for the assorted stretches of clearly-reused footage of a guy in a rubber suit getting shot. and model helicopters!

then there was dream warrior, which looked promisingly awful. but though the actors were wretched, the production values were a little high, and it just wasn't quite as funny.

and our most recent selection was another entry in the thrilling vein of "movies with titles that feature big round numbers" - dracula 3000, which fulfilled my long-standing desire to see coolio smoke a bong in space. in general, it wasn't as awful as alien 3000, but the ending made it far, far, faaaar worse. we laughed for a good few minutes at the end. oh, lord.

so i guess what this goes to show you is.... when stoned people go to the video store, they pick terrible movies.

(pls. note that we owe our inspiration to brian... and boa vs. python.)

and if you're too poor and/or stoned to leave your house, why not check out "Doc," which is on show case far, far too often. billy ray cyrus is the least plausible doctor, ever. in the history of mankind.

Monday, August 15, 2005

speaking of summer albums....

Image hosted by

check out this mixtape.... blue eyes meets bed stuy byDJ Cappel & Smitty.

it's this summer's grey album, but (dare i say) better? it's more coherent, anyways, and biggie puts jay to shame. and, well, sinatra is the man. he's like the biggie of his generation, but white, and skinny, and italian.

you can buy it for 8 bucks at sandbox or download it from oink, if you're privileged enough to have a membership.

and yes, illinois is off the wall amazing and incredible, and you definitely need to get it.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

the chronicles of sufjan.

don't even attempt to tell me that there is a better album that has been released this year. There hasn't, and there won't be.

this man will be in your mind, hearts and record players for years to come. even if you don't think you like him, you will, and you will thank me.

Monday, August 08, 2005

hot pics of unproductive citizens.

the show must go on

...i finally bought OF MONTREAL's satanic panic in the attic....

Friday, August 05, 2005

boucher's sweet tooth and other non-verbal threats?

okay okay.........pot brownies and cheesecake


if you ever get into line at a movie theatre and you discover that WEDDING CRASHERS is sold out, do not under any circumstance choose instead to see THE ISLAND...........just pick up your things, walk out of line, slit your wrists, and bleed in a gutter.

i am enjoying all these drugged up riddles...the world is a friendly and evil place.......

recent purchases:

nick drake - pink moon

the shins- chutes too narrow (i'm late on this one...but at least i caught on)

kid koala - carpal tunnel syndrome (this man made the worst night of my life worthwhile)

iron and wine - woman king (ep) .......trendy...i know, but you can't deny brilliant songwriting

the fearless freaks (dvd) - the flaming lips come alive.........and cam comes.


ze cam.