Sunday, July 17, 2005

popsicle lovers!

i wish i wasn't such a snob when I am in london mode...

people aren't all that bad.

chocolate covered rejection.

i am pulling an axl...a big fat thorn!!

re-recording two songs for my so called ep...this means the whole thing is going to be further delayed...not that it's of big concern to just sucks to have to re-create magic! the potential for failure is daunting! *

ze cam.


charlie + the choco factory = ???????

(were they making fun of the original? didn't they see the movie before they released it?)

* maybe not the best word.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

lazy summer meltings

as recently revealed by my lard ass companion (the undeniably gruesome, and often insatiably homosexual alasdair mcmillan) there will be a considerable slow down in the number of posts i as well shall be making over the course of the next couple months.

i will try to post once and a while (to keep you weary travellers from slitting your wrists), but for the most part i will be spending my summer drinking Patagonia (a surprisingly delicious brew) and eating disturbingly large quantities of lettuce.

i will be updating you all on the progress of my little musical project (which has seen a bit of production slow down recently), and i will also keep you posted on the number of small children who accidentally find their way into my stomach, oh! and also on all the donkeys who mysteriously appear (and subsequently disappear) without anyone else seeing them.

for more on effortless records and the local music scene check out:

listen to:

neutral milk hotel

the moldy peaches

(i have recently rediscovered my obsession with Ok Computer and Kid A

jets to brazil

ikara colt
(art punk bandits)

the olivia tremor contro
l (it took me forever, but Dusk at Cubist Castle is a fucking brilliant album)


Zapoleon and the Bluemilkstars

DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ze cam.

Monday, July 11, 2005


as you may have noticed, i haven't posted anything for a while.

this is largely because it is the summer, and i am no longer in school, and since i try to avoid the whole what-i-did-today format, i'm out of ideas for awhile.

so i shan't be writing much this summer, til september brings around a fresh bout of pseudointellectualism. perhaps i'll post once or twice when the fancy strikes me, but on the whole, the summer is a time for drinking on the beach, and smoking joints, and cetera other things not related to sitting indoors in front of a computer.

in case you're desperate for things to do on the internet (go outside!!), there's a new issue of vice which came out yesterday.

or you could visit daily kos and get edumacated.

or if your tastes in news tend more toward gossip, try defamer, which has gotten me through many a long day. and if you're sick of hearing about tom cruise, why not learn all the secrets of his bullshit religion?

but... i recommend going outside.

that's all.

Friday, July 01, 2005

flaming shovel!

... to make them sound more worthy of sexual molestation by the ears of small, mindless pawns in this unfathomable corporate wasteland...

check mate!