Wednesday, July 19, 2006

the troops, the troops...

the fucking troops!

i think i am going to start stealing those stupid support the troops bumper magnets.

because i have decided, today, inspired by this thoughtful piece, that i fully and one hundred percent do not support the fucking troops.

yes, these are poor, long-suffering folk, who are fighting for what they apparently believe in, and they are poor, have had hard-knock type lives, and are just looking for a way out. and the army seems like a great idea! and now they are out there fighting for our liberty. your grandpa was probably one, how could you possibly be against the troops!?! even michael damn moore is for the troops.

i don't care!

they are a bunch of - and i plagiarise bill hicks here lovingly - hired fucking killers. they are not your grandpa. and generally, when poor people escape poverty through violence, it is more or less frowned upon. and look at what the troops say when you see them on the telly-vision! "we're fighting for freedom!" yes, that entire family you shelled from miles above were posing an enormous threat to your freedom. i'm going out on a limb here, but i'm going to guess that when you're in a fighter jet, nothing without rockets can pose a threat to your personal freedom.

you don't get an exemption from having a conscience just because you were poor and signed up for something you didn't know enough about, and now you're 'just following orders.'

how can we bring about world peace? just stop fucking fighting. for fuck's sakes! stop! it doesn't matter who started it, how much they're paying you, or who told you to do it. you are killing people, and that is wrong. and if you - the troops! - quit doing it, who the fuck do you think is going to? look at the people in government - and in positions of leadership in general, really! once enough of the grunts quit, the draft-dodging fuckwads who run this meat-grinder we call a planet will have nobody left to shoot their guns (and rockets, artillery shells, smart-bombs, bunker-busters, etc. etc. etc.). and we all know that growing up a saudi billionaire or a texan one tends to make one averse to getting one's hands dirty.

da-dum! there it is. ali states the obvious, featuring lots of profanity.


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